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Street Of Dream(S.O.D) – 1.36 miles from the Main Gate of Camp Humphreys (Dongchang-ri Gate)


Street Of Dream(S.O.D) has 82 homes on 186,850 sq.ft. of land. The size of the homes are 1,470 – 2,626 sq. ft.  In addition, The S.O.D is popular because of its proximity to the main gate (Dongchang-ri gate) of Camp Humphreys.


Street Of Dream(S.O.D) is 1.36 miles from the main gate of Camp Humphreys (Dongchang-ri Gate). It takes only 3 minutes to the Main Gate of Camp Humphreys by car. Moreover, Dongchang-ri Gate is open 24 hours. Also, around the main gate, restaurants are newly opened one by one.


House details

  • Name of the house : Street of Dream (S.O.D) Pyeongtaek
  • Type of House : Villa
  • Size : 2,626 sq. ft. / 54 Pyeong
  • Room : 
  • Bath : 3
  • Parking space : 2 cars (underground)
  • Solar electricity system(3KW), City Gas, Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners(each room & living room), Washing Machine, Dryer, Dishwasher, etc.
  • Rental Fee :
    • Yearly Pay : $39,000 ~ (Included Utility Fee)
    • Monthly Pay : $3,000 ~ (Not Included Utility Fee)


Furthermore, it takes about 10 minutes to Pyeongtaek train and subway Station by car, and takes about 10 minutes to ICS (International Christian School).


Also, near the area, there will be 2 big Parks(Naeri Munhwa Park & Dumulgangsup Park[under planning]), and along the Anseong river, there is a cycle lane for hundreds of miles.

  • Nae-ri Munhwa Park


  • Anseong River Cycle Lane – for hundreds of miles


Moreover, it takes 20~30 minutes by car to Osan U.S. Air Base (Songtan Shopping & tour town).


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