A.MASS HILLS – Luxurious complex townhouse

Today, we will introduce you to a luxurious complex townhouse which will be completely different from the rest. The house that we’re going to present to you now is called A.Mass Hills.


A.Mass Hills is located in Paengsung-eup Nowa-ri and it is approximately 3 miles away from Angeong gate and it takes 12 minutes from Peungtaek station.
All units are facing south-east, so they have a lot of natural sunlight. In front of the townhouse, there is a wide landscape which you can enjoy. And there is lots of trees that surrounds the townhouse.

This is a three stories building.

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We’ll have a look at the first floor first.

The first floor consists of a recreation room, a multi room and the Sunken garden.

A.MASS HILLS_1F_레크레이션룸_1A.MASS HILLS_1F_게스트룸_2A.MASS HILLS_1F_게스트룸_1에이메스힐즈 (20)

If we to take you now to the sidewalk which is delicately designed to take in the rich sunlight and the wind, we now see a large carpark which accommodates up to 3 cars.

The second floor consists of a bathroom, a big garden, a kitchen, dining room and a laundry room.


The third floor consists of a master bedroom, two other rooms and two bathrooms.

A.MASS HILLS_3F_안방_1A.MASS HILLS_3F_안방_드레스룸_1A.MASS HILLS_3F_안방_화장실_1A.MASS HILLS_3F_작은방_1A.MASS HILLS_3F_작은방_2A.MASS HILLS_3F_화장실_1

We will now look at the unit’s own features in details.

The whole unit is covered with highly efficient LED downlights so that it would give a modern and bright feeling to the house.

This house has a gas heat pump air conditioning and heating system.
All furniture that is fit in to the units is from the top-class brands.

Last but not least, there are CCTV cameras installed at the entrance and all pavements within the complex. The central entrance surveillance system will secure your safety.

amassA.MASS HILLS_사진2에이메스힐즈 (4)

House details

  • Name of the house : A.Mass Hills
  • Type of House : 3-story house
  • Size : 2,846 sq. ft. (80 Pyeong)
  • Room : 4  (1st Floor : 1 / 3rd Floor : 3)
  • Bath : 4 (1st Floor : 1 / 2nd Floor : 1 / 3rd Floor : 2)
  • Parking space : 3 cars 
  • GHP(Gas Heat Pump cooling and heating system), City Gas, Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners,  Fire alarm, Gas Clothes Dryer, Refrigerator, washing machine, etc.


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