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Lake Hill Town : Beautiful Lake view, Solar panel cover above picnic area, Practical interior design, and enormous front yard.

Lake Hill Town is a brand-new rental house and will consist of 10 houses (at present 4 houses). Each house has 5,337 sq. ft. (150 pyeong) of land and 2,135 sq. ft. (60 pyeong) of house size. And there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms in a two-story structure. Also, there is a garage where two cars can be parked, and a large front yard.

레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (65)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (64)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (1)

Lake Hill Town is located in Yeongin-myeon Asan-si Choongcheongnam-do. This is another one of the popular villages that is near military post (Camp Humphreys). It has the fabulous views of Lake/water reservoir and mountain. It is only 14km from USAG Humphreys’ Dodu-ri Gate, 15 minutes drives from village to the gate.

lake hill town-레이트힐 타운 위치

There is a garage with enough space for 2 vehicles to park. You can see an opened front yard at the top of this solid rock stair. Children and pet sure will love this area. You can see the remarkable lake landscape from here. Also you see the solar panel cover on the other side, which is a positive feature of this place. Architect even installed a light under this cover. It is great location to have Barbecue or enjoy your reading during sunny day.

레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (51)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (52)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (61)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (62)

House details

  • Name of the house : Lake Hill Town
  • Type of House : 2-story family house
  • Size : 2,135 sq. ft. / 60 Pyeong
  • Room : 4 (1st floor : 1 / 2nd floor : 3)
  • Bath : 4 (1st floor : 1 / 2nd floor : 2)
  • Parking space : 2 cars(Garage)
  • CCTV, Air-conditioners, Dishwasher, refrigerator etc
  • Rental Fee :
    • Yearly Pay : $33,000 ~ ( Included Utility Fee)
    • Monthly Pay : $2,660 ~ (Not Included Utility Fee)


First Floor

Lake Hill Town is constructed with living room, kitchen, dining area, laundry room, 4 bedrooms, and 3 bathrooms.

Brick pattern wall will catch your eyes once you enter this sliding glass front door. And you will see a long straight kitchen behind this wall. Most kitchen appliances such as gas stove/oven, refrigerator, electronic stove, and dish washer are furnished. Different from other houses, kitchen in this home is design to have lower cabinets that give you easy access to utilize the space above. You are able to see fully opened outdoor view through kitchen window. There even small storage spaces available. Also you can enjoy the bright view through dining area’s window. Dining area and living room is divided with a small wall in the middle.

레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (7)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (8)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (11)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (12)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (13)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (2)

Living room gives you very cozy atmosphere since it is separated from dining area and you can see the lake through a wide glass door. Ceiling fan and Ceiling AC are in place for your comfort. Guest room is located on first floor. As well as the bathroom with shower booth.

레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (3)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (4)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (5)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (6)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (15)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (16)

Second Floor

Second floor master bedroom has ceiling fan installed. And has large walk-in closet with window for air circulation. Modern style bathroom in master bedroom has a tub and shower booth.

Second room adequate for your children to enjoy. Family bathroom is in style and has shower booth. Third room on second floor is separate is separated with a sliding glass door. And since this room is so enormous you can utilize as family room, children play area or study hall. You can observe the amazing lake view and all the windows in this room gives you sense of openness

레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (27)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (40)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (41)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (43)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (46)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (28)레이크힐타운4호(성내저수지) (31)

I will summarize this home’s features for you.

First, this house’s surrounding is very opened by attractive landscapes such as lake and open field.

Second, your utility bill will be minimized with solar panel.

Third, fantastic front yard along with covered area that can be utilized in several means.

Fourth, all house appliances are furnished for your convenience.

Last but not least, Garage will protect your vehicles from weather damages.

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