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Humphreys Hills The Castle (Type B – Pent House) – Close to Camp Humphreys Gate


Humphreys Hills the Castle will consist of 150 homes very soon. And Humphreys Hills will be 249 homes within 2 years. There are basically two types. Type A is a small size, and Type B is a large size.  Of the 150 homes, type A is 49 homes, and the rest is type B. This town will be popular because of the distance from Camp Humphreys Gates, Pet Park, Play Ground, BBQ Place, Guard room where professional security personnel reside, etc. Also, A Convenience store, A cafe and a dry cleaner will be there.

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Humphreys Hills the Castle is in Songwha-ri, Pyeongtaek-si near Camp Humphreys. It is 1.43 miles from the Hamjeong-ri gate and 3.18 miles from Dodu-ri gate.  In addition, due to changes in the main gate and the change in access time, the Dodu-ri Gate (24-hour open) has excellent access. Also, there are many convenient facilities, such as shopping malls, Golf field, PX, restaurants, schools, sports club, and so on, if you pass through Dodu-ri Gate.


House details

  • Name of the house : The Humphreys Hills the Castle – Type B (Pent House)
  • Type of House :Villa (Town House)
  • Size : Type(B) – Pent House(4F)

Humphreys Hills the Castle - type B

  • Room : 4
  • Bath : 3
  • Parking space : 2 cars (Underground)
  • Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners, Sofa set, Beds, Washing Machine, Drying Machine, Dishwasher, Oven Range, etc
  • Rental Fee :
    • Type B – Pent House
      • Yearly Pay : $39,000 ~ (Included Utility Fee)
      • Monthly Pay : $3,300 ~ (Not Included Utility Fee)

** Humphreys Hills – The Castle : Type B (Pent House)

⇒ There is a extra floor. There are three stairs going upstairs(Living Room / Room 1 / Room 2).

※ Living Room


※ Master Room + Bath + Dress Room



※ Kitchen 


※ Room 1


※ Room 2


※ Guess room


※ Upstairs


※ Underground Parking Lots



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