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The Noble House 5 – within 5 minutes from Camp Humphreys / 4 rooms / 2-story single family house

단지배치도전면정문주차장 (2)

The 5th Noble House is New Rental House near Camp Humphreys main Gate. The Village consists of 17 2-story Houses and is located in Gunnae-ri, Pyeongtaek-si. It takes within 5 minutes to Dongchang-ri Gate and Anjeong-ri Gate by car. The Dongchang-ri gate is currently the main gate and opens 24 hours a day. The Anjeong-ri Gate is the old main gate, with restaurants and shopping spots nearby.


Also, near the area, there is Naeri Munhwa Park (Dumulgangsup Park is under planning), and along the river, there is a cycle lane for hundreds miles.

Moreover, it takes 20~30 minutes by car to Osan U.S. Air Base(Songtan Shopping & tour town).

Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (40)Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (39)Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (35)Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (22)Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (19)Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (17)Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (4)Naeri Park - 내리문화공원 (1)

House details

  • Name of the house : The Noble House 5
  • Type of House : 2-story house
  • Size : 2,846 sq. ft. (80 Pyeong)
  • Room : 5  (1st Floor : 1 / 2nd Floor : 4)
  • Bath : 4 (1st Floor : 1 / 2nd Floor : 3)
  • Parking space : 3 cars
  • Solar electricity system(3KW), City Gas, Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners, Sofa set, Beds, Washing Machine, Drying Machine, Dishwasher, etc
  • Rental Fee :
    • Yearly Pay : $43,000 ~ (Included Utility Fee)
    • Monthly Pay : $3,600 ~ (Not Included Utility Fee)

1층거실 (2)1층거실1층드레스룸 (2)1층드레스룸 (6)1층드레스룸1층안방 (3)1층안방 (4)1층안방욕실1층주방 (2)1층주방 (4)2서재방2층방 (3)2층방 (8)2층방 (10)2층서재방 (2)2층안방 (3)2층안방 (5)2층안방 (6)2층안방 (10)2층안방 (12)다용도실 (2)옥상 (2)옥상테라스 (3)테라스 (4)테라스 (6)

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