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Brown Stone Apartment – High rise / 4 rooms / 0.68 mile from Walk in Gate


Brown Stone was built in Nov. 2016. The Brownstone apartment complex has a total of 944 houses. There are five sizes in the apartment complex. The 33-pyeong(1,174 sq.ft.) house is 536, 39-pyeong(1,384 sq.ft.) house is 80, 44-pyeong(1,565 sq.ft.) house is 112, 49-pyeong(1,743 sq.ft) house is 104 and the 56-pyeong(1,992 sq.ft.) house is 112. 


Because Brownstone apartment is close to Donggang-ri Gate(Main Gate and 24 hours open), Anjeon-ri Gate(previous main gate) and Walk-in Gate(24 hours open), the apartment is famous for rent near Camp Humphreys. Currently, many soldiers and military personnel are living.


House details


  • Name of the house : Brown Stone
  • Type of House : Apartment (High-rise)
  • Size : 1,565 sq. ft. (44 Pyeong)
  • Floor : 11th
  • Room : 4
  • Bath : 
  • Parking space : 1.5
  • City Gas, Cable & Internet, CCTV, Air-conditioners(2), Sofa Set, Bed, etc
  • Rental Fee :
    • Monthly Pay : $1,900 ~ (Not Included Utility Fee)


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