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Elysys – Close to Camp Humphreys / Close to Great Park

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The Elysys consists of 5 houses and is in Wonjeong-ri. It takes 2 – 4 minutes to Dongchang-ri Gate(New Main Gate and 24 hours open), Anjeong-ri Gate(close to Anjeong Shopping Town) and Walk in Gate(24 hours open). It is close to the School Bus Stop and there is a residential area.

게이트인근 - 메인작업용

Also, near the area, there will be 2 big Parks(Naeri Munhwa Park[coming very soon] & Dumulgangsup Park[under planning]), and along the river, there is a cycle lane for hundreds miles.

Moreover, it takes 20~30 minutes by car to Osan U.S. Air Base(Songtan Shopping & tour town).

House details

  • Name of the house : The Elysys
  • Type of House : 2-story house
  • Size : 2,839 sq. ft. (80 Pyeong)
  • Room : 4 (1st floor : 1 / 2nd floor : 3)
  • Bath : 4 (1st floor : 2 / 2nd floor : 2)
  • Parking space : 2 cars
  • Balcony, TV, CCTV, Air-conditioners, Fire alarm, Table, etc
  • Rent fee
    • yearly pay : $41,000 ~ (Included Utility Fee)
    • monthly pay :  $3,400~ (Not included Utility Fee)

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